Eleri Le Clermont

Born in 1746 Paris, Eleri is one of the oldest vampires in Llangryn. He didn’t come there a vampire though. Eleri was almost done with his studies whent he revolution that inspired Les Mis happened. Sadly for him, a rebel life wasn’t quite compatible with graduating. Eleri is very self-conscious about his health. In his time during that particular French revolution he didn’t eat much and he is afraid to return to how he used to be. After the revolution, Eleri made the best of it and fled across the channel. In a turn of bad luck, he was actually great at learning new languages and swiftly gained the skills required to become a teacher by the time his odd jobs here and there that brought him to Bristol. Life was good for a bit and he taught in a local school but he made the mistake of become friends with a priest visiting from Wales, Llwywelyn Driscoll. He still travelled after he was turned but he made a habit of staying in monasteries and church shelters to get his blessings. Llywelyn’s curse could even turn the most booksmart revolutionary into a seemingly devout catholic. Eleri just likes sunbathing too much. Sadly, he didn’t stay on his goodie two shoes way though. Eleri is the reason Sidonia comes to Llagryn and with Sidonia come the more hedonistic parts of his past. Everyone always thinks that the cigarette buds in the crypt are Dai’s, but they are actually Eleri’s who chain smokes whenever he hangs out with Dai. It takes Dai years to get Eleri to come to Pride with him, Mina and Samwel, but when he does, Eleri wears the ace flag proudly.

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